Monday, February 27, 2012

hopesfall - the satellite years

released 2002

"ipecac,bro...what are you doing?"

for those of you that haven't heard of this album...all i can say is that you need to...if only for the closer that goes by the name of "the bending"

and for those of you that have...and want to say something about it....

this album is awesome and you know it

do you like a little melody in your breakdowns?

hey, do these fellas

have you heard of the band cave in?...remember when people lost their shit when they released the album JUPITER?

what about the band between the buried and me...and the folks losing their shit when they released the album THE SILENT CIRCUS?

there's nothing wrong with getting a little progressive sounding on people's backsides,bro

DL: the satellite years


Anton Chigurh said...

Hm....Please don't let the next thing you post be a Tool album or similar crap

Anonymous said...

baby music.

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