Monday, March 5, 2012

quitters club - self-titled

released 1994

excuse me,sir and/or madam

we're taking a poll

do you like bands made up of members of other bands?

good...because this has members of bands such as seasons to risk and germbox and vitreous humor (and if you know anything about the previously mentioned can probably guess where they're from)

do you like it when bands cover other band's music?

very there is a cover of the song "half life" which was originally done by the swans included

do you like bands that sound like unsane and glazed baby and and the previously mentioned bands?'re just the sort of person this was made for

excuse me?

what am i writing down on my clipboard?

well...that really doesn't concern you

so...take a copy of this

take it

it's for you

ok...if you must know...i've been drawing kittens

now...take a copy of...

thank you

and if you think you're going to just walk around the corner and throw it away...i wouldn't suggest doing see...the SGM has people everywhere

you remember that song from the 80s...rockwell's "somebody's watching me"?.... may think the SGM have only been around for a couple of years...there's a reason for that've gotta go?

well...enjoy this and have a nice day

and just so you's not the dog that doing it's business on your bed

DL: quitters club

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