Friday, February 10, 2012

wool - box set

released 1994

this sounds like the queens of the stone age's SELF-TITLED album making babies with nirvana's NEVERMIND

and if you aren't privy to this band...

this is where the stahl brothers (franz and peter) of the d.c. band scream ended up after their drummer left to join some band called nirvana ('d think he was playing on this album...though it's chris bratton...drummer in such bands as drive like jehu/inside out/chain of strength) and bass player skeeter thompson just wandering off (taking his place was ex-concrete blonde bassist al bloch)

dave grohl and queens of the stone age get to be mentioned here again: once the band split up back in 1996...franz stahl went onto join dave grohl in the foo fighters...and peter stahl went onto front the doomy/stonery band goatsnake

so hopefully i've proven helpful in providing some words that will make you want to give this a go (if you haven't already done that)

and if it hasn't...well...geez man...what's the deal?...perhaps you need to find some new pants that'll fit that stick in your ass a little better

DL: box set

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