Friday, February 10, 2012

mike watt - 5.6.95 - metro - chicago,il

you all know who mike watt us,yes?


some of you didn't raise your hand

i'm gonna need you to leave the room...and then go and track down the movie WE JAM ECONO...and then i'm gonna need you to find everything you can from the bands the minutemen and fIREHOSE...and then lock yourself into a room with it all until it's all been gone through

and then you'll have to stand in front of the class and give a 10 minute report on what you've learned

as for what this is...this was a show he played as part of the RINGSPIEL tour back in '95...and his back up band was pretty much a who's who of early 90's "alternative" music: you get dave grohl playing some drums and providing some guitar and back up vocals...pat smear providing some guitar and some vocals...and eddie vedder providing some vocals and guitar...and william goldsmith playing some drums (so he pretty much has the foo fighters backing him up...this was their first tour) vedder was along for the ride as part of the band hovercraft (who he played drums for)

they mix it up with some of watt's solo stuff and some fiREHOSE stuff and some minutemen stuff along with some random covers

also of note (to maybe 1-2 of you out there)...they perform a song called "habit" which ended up on the the yet to be released pearl jam album NO CODE

1 - walking the cow*
2 - big train
3 - formal introduction##
4 - against the 70's
5 - drove up from pedro
6 - habit+
7 - makin' the freeway##
8 - chinese firedrill
9 - piss-bottle man
10 - forever/one reporter's opinion
11 - e-ticket ride
12 - political song for michael jackson to sing^
13 - coincidence is either hit or miss
14 - the red and the black@
15 - secret garden^^
16 - powerful hanmkerin'##

*=daniel johnston cover
##=fiREHOSE cover
^=minutemen cover
@=blue oyster cult cover
^^=madonna cover w/ pat smear on vocals
+=pearl jam "cover" w/eddie vedder on vocals

DL: mike watt @the metro

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