Friday, February 10, 2012

skeleton key - fantastic spikes through balloon

released 1997

i was turned onto this band when i saw them in tinley park,il back in 1997 when they were touring as part of lollapalooza...and i didn't really know what i was in for...they went on after a japanese band called the pugs that i had decided to stay and i stood there watching them set up...and they had a circle of what looked liked pots and various pieces of scrap metal set up front...this peaked my interest (as for the friend that was with me at that moment...he wasn't too enthused as he wanted to keep walking around...and he wanted to see when korn were supposed to be on the main stage...but alas...korn pulled out because their guitar player was diagnosed with meningitis...and all of the korn kids were walking around with makeshift signs showing their dismay) there i stood with the friend...and they started to play...and i was sucked for my friend...he stomped off

yeah...sometimes having friends isn't all it's cracked up to be

the best way i can describe this is if the jesus lizard and tom waits and primus and mr. bungle got together and made an album

so hopefully i've successfully sold you on this album

if i haven't...i apologize for taking up your time...and i'll send you an out of state check for the time it took you to read everything

DL: fantastic spikes through balloon


Anonymous said...

Their new album "Gravity Is The Enemy" will be released on 23 March. Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

Page Hamilton was just giving Skeleton Key major props during 2011 tour

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