Thursday, February 9, 2012

unsane - this plan 7"

released 2001

you like unsane

we like unsane

so...maybe we should go out for some coffee sometime?

and afterwards...i could show you my favorite truck stop bathroom...there's a stall that has a hole in the wall...and the words "mystery meat" written above it in black marker...i'm assuming it's some sort of game...but i have yet to play because there's always such a long line

but we'll talk about that later

this was something the band had released in the land down under to coincide with a tour

you get a song from the OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD album ("this plan")

and you get a flipper cover ("ha,ha,ha")

so...i'll just leave my card for you on the give me a's gonna be awesome

DL: this plan 7"


Mpg said...

You make-uh my dreams come true. Glad yr still kicking it SGM.

adamek said...

the person who ripped this didn't take into account this: . unlistenable without editing, but thanks a lot anyway!

Dangerbird said...

err... no i didn't take into account RIAA's standards. Admittedly I don't have any training in sound engineering, and my equipment is relatively basic. I do what I can based on what I hear. Am keen to learn though, so any pointers appreciated.

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