Monday, February 20, 2012

v/a - the tyranny of the beat

released 1991

This pretty much has everything that'll make goth punks in their 40s super stoked (if that can even happen)

it covers all the mascara covered bases with some early industrial...some post punk...some electronic noise....

1 - SPK - in flagrante delicto
2 - throbbing gristle - see you are (live)
3 - cabaret voltaire - automotivation
4 - chris carter - solidit (edit)
5 - die krupps - wahre arbeit, wahrer lohn
6 - DAF - co co pina
7 - einst├╝rzende neubauten - tanz debil
8 - NON - cruenta voluptas
9 - can - oh yeah
10 - wire - our swimmer (live)
11 - swell maps - midget submarines
12 - the boys next door - shivers
13 - dome - cruel when complete
14 - monte cazazza - candy man
15 - the hafler trio - a thirsty fish/the dirty fire

if you take anything away from this post...let it be this: the awesomeness of the can/wire/swell maps triple threat

DL: the tyrrany of the beat


Scott Salsman said...

Dude, I found your blog the other day and am loving it. I was searching for blogs that appreciate bands like Last of the Juanitas. So who are you? Been in any bands I might've heard of?

Anonymous said...

cant download without joining 4share

thats ass

ipecac said...

i don't really have a reasoning behind their wanting you to sign up in order to download this

thus far...this is the only download that would require that

but come on...are you so busy that you can't take the 60 seconds to do what you need to do in order to get what you want?

you must not want it bad enough

and just's just like going to the pound and adopting an animal...once that paperwork is filled out and you leave with're free to do whatever you'd like to with it...

just make sure the doors are locked and the blinds are pulled

Anonymous said...

4shared, even if i'm trying to connect myself doesn't work at all, i connect myself by facebook and then.. Nothing, juste nothing happens and i must close the window. I really want to listen to this compilation - maybe you could put it on mediafire or rapidshare ; free music it's important (and i 'm a big records buyer moretheless) and it would be cool if you put this great compilation on sites like mediafire and or rapidshare. I want this compilation :)

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