Monday, February 20, 2012

John Henry West - John Henry West 7"

Label: Gravity
Year: 1993

So this post comes to you as a result of a conversation I had (via text, so maybe "conversation" isn't the correct term..."exchange"? Is exchange a better word?) with a friend who had just seen another friend after a prolonged absence. So those two gentlemen are talking, catching up on old times, and since they were both active in the 1990's hardcore scene, and more specififically the hardcore scene on the Western Coast of the United States, they started talking about mutual acquaintences from that time period. One peculiar thread of their conversation, the one my friend found worthy enough to relay to me, and now I am relaying to you, is that while visiting San Francisco on a recent visit, this other guy had run into Mike Kirsch, of John Henry West fame, who was now going by the name Sally as a he had undergone a sex reassignment surgery and was in fact, a woman. Huh?!
Can anyone confirm this report, because it seems super weird to me, but maybe I'm just old fashioned and in my day, bearded, sensitive, hardcore dudes who liked to ramble between songs about the plight of the El Salvadorian textile worker's union were just that...dudes.
Also, it was reported that Mike/Sally was battling cancer, and if that's true, we here at Shiny Grey Monotone wish him/her the best of luck. Cancer is no joke, and Mike/Sally seems to be a very nice man/woman, and I hate to hear of that happening to him/her. Here's hoping that he/she finds the strength to beat cancer and get back to making more great music.



Anonymous said...

Almost all true... He is now Sarah, not Sally, but is in fact living as a woman, dealing with something called Fancomi Anemia.

I don't know whether or not he/she has actually undergone the "operation", but she is definitely living as a woman now.

I don't know him/her personally, so I should probably just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

The donation site below is collecting to cover some heavy medical and living expenses to help out a truly inspiring friend, cohort, and musician, Sarah Kirsch, who has been fighting Fanconi Anemia for the last eight months. She and her dedicated caretakers/ support system need anything you can spare. Thank you!

"Hey everyone -
We've decided to make the appeal for financial aid a public one, and I've posted the following publicly. Please feel free to copy and paste on your public facebook or send through email if you think you might know someone who'd like to help. Rosie

"As a lot of you guys know through Ilya or myself, our good friend Sarah Kirsch was diagnosed over summer with Fanconi Anemia - a rare genetic disorder that causes Leukemia & other cancers. Despite being put through the 'fn ringer by chemotherapy and long hospital stays, Sarah is staying strong and fighting hard, finally out of the hospital and at home with her amazing partner Jess and loving caregivers, Paul and Ilya.

"Aside from the unconditional emotional and physical support Sarah has received from her devoted extended family, donations to date have been enormously helpful in lightening the financial burden of this kind of illness. The demand for supplies not covered by insurance is, however, unending - from food to cleaning supplies to lotion to kleenex to parking at the hospital...

"If you're able and would like to contribute in this way, please check out our Wepay account below. There is no donation too small, every $ helps.

"Thanks a lot, and feel free to email or message me with any questions.

Sarah Slaughters
Please donate to help buy items on Sarah's Wish List!es

Gray said...

Thanks for the info/update, it's much appreciated.
I also just noticed that I had posted this same 7" over a year ago...oops. I guess since all my files were wiped out anyway, it's good that I reposted it.

Get well soon Sarah Slaughters!

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