Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Last Crime - The Last Crime

Label: The Omega
Year: 1997

Kevin Egan is another one of "those dudes" whom I will always listen out for, and whom I am generally pleased with their entire canon of work. He just seems to have good taste in music and musical collaborators. Maybe he's a total dick in real life, maybe he's a pedophile, maybe he clubs baby harp seals on the weekends, I don't know (but for the record: SGM does not condone baby harp seal clubbing or pedophilia, and we in no way accuse Mr. Kevin Egan [hereto for known as "Client"] of any activities not permitted by the United States Constitution, or those laws defined by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich England) but I've liked everything he's done, Beyond, 1.6 Band, all that stuff.
The Last Crime took their hardcore roots and dipped them in a heavy mixture of June of 44, Native Nod, Unwound, and Drive Like Jehu. Diagnosis: delicious!


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