Tuesday, February 21, 2012

mudhoney - superfuzz bigmuff plus early singles

released 1990

everyone knows about some mudhoney


there's always gotta be that one guy,man

well...if it weren't for mudhoney vocalist mark arm...there probably wouldn't have been any of that grunge business (well...it might've had a different tag anyway...it's rumored that he's the one that came up with the word "grunge")

they came together back in the year nineteen of eighty eight after the band green river split up (members mark arm and steve turner were members)...and they were joined by former melvins bassist matt lukin and bundle of hiss drummer dan peters

so that right there should tell you all you need to know

you see all of the band names,right?

it's called "pedigree"...and this band has it

this combines the band's SUPERFUZZ BIGMUFF and BOILED BEEF & ROTTING TEETH EPS and their half of a split they did with sonic youth (covering their song "halloween")

so go and get that flannel out if it's tupperware container....get drunk...and start throwing yourself off of the back of the couch (i don't care if you are a recovering alcoholic...that's what AA meetings are for...and you know you want to be the first one to ever say that you relapsed because of grunge)

happy birthday,mark arm

DL: superfuzz bigmuff plus early singles


Wild Thing said...

Damn it, it feels so good to hear that shit!!!

lex dexter said...

I always said these guys were EVEN BETTER than Mother Love Bone as far as the fallout from Green River goes...Ah, if you like, I posted a mini-set of timely and often scathing Forced Exposure reviews of Love Bone, Laughing Hyenas, Bastro, Soundgarden and Nirvana at my tumblr: http://boatzone3.tumblr.com/post/19626699466/forced-exposure-issue-15-summer-1989

Anyway, I got to see the Mudhoneys play this set of music at an All Tomorrow's Parties with Iggy and the Watt/Williamson Stooges. I was truly surprised, as you suggest, how much the material of the Bigmuff era affected me. I lost track of Mudhoney after that first, good Major record with "Suck You Dry" on it, but I've heard multiple times that they have had multiple major renaissances. Any advice about their subsequent work, or that "supergroup" I've heard they're in? Not talking thrown-ups here...

Thanks again!

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