Thursday, February 16, 2012

pailhead - trait

released 1988

"hey! you got your straight edge in my heroin!"

"hey! you got your heroin in my straight edge!"

"more for me then."

the very unlikely pairing of ian mckaye and ministry

this predated al's other courtship of another punk luminary in the endeavor that was known as lard

fugazi had just released their SELF-TITLED EP

ministry had just released THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY

so what this comes off as is an industrial sounding version of minor threat

and while al and ian were sitting in the recording studio while taking a break from looked as if he were going to slide a mirror with a white powdery substance on it across the table to ian...and ian says "i will refuse"

and then they both crack up*

*=this may or may not have happened

DL: trait

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