Thursday, February 16, 2012

pigface - fook

released 1992

for those of you not in the know...pigface is a sort of supergroup that was formed during ministry's THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE tour that ended up taking on a life of it's own with a revolving door of musicians that's involved everyone from david yow (the jesus lizard) to jello biafra (dead kennedys) to paul raven (killing joke) to trent reznor (nine inch nails) to steve albini (big black) to nivek ogre (skinny puppy)...

but for this album...some of the folks involved are: chris connelly (revolting cocks)...william tucker (my life with the thrill kill kult)...andrew weiss (rollins band)...en esch (kmfdm)...leslie rankin (silverfish)...

so hopefully you've already made up your mind and are already downloading this

and if you haven''ve got all kinds of problems that we here at SGM just aren't equipped to handle (well...not anymore...we got out license revoked...some "concerned" citizen made a phone call...we can't really divulge any other sort of information until after the trial)

fook indeed

DL: fook


Anonymous said...

started a re-uploads thread in the forum, hopefully this is not a problem.

Anonymous said...

upload gub! faggot!

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