Thursday, February 16, 2012

ministry - in case you didn't feel like showing up

released 1990

fuck me
fuck me
fuck you
fuck you
fuck everyone
fuck the church
fuck jesus
fuck mary
fuck the jews
fuck the buddhists
fuck the hindus
fuck george bush
fuck barbara bush
fuck tipper gore
fuck everyone
fuck gorbachev
fuck noriega
fuck all these assholes
fuck you
fuck me
fuck all of you

oh yeah...and some songs were played

1 - breathe
2 - the missing
3 - deity
4 - so what
5 - burning inside
6 - thieves
7 - stigmata
8 - jello biafra's pledge of allegiance
9 - the land of rape and honey

DL: in case you didn't feel like showing up

1 comment:

Wild Thing said...

A couple of fantastic songs in that stuff, thanks Dude!!!

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