Thursday, February 16, 2012

morphine - yes

released 1995

i remember seeing these guys on some show back in the 90's...they were playing the song "scratch" from this very album...and i was hooked...the bass...the saxophone...their lack of a guitar all just came together...blues and jazz...the smokey croon (that's right...smokey)

no one else in the room got it...and i went out and bought this album...and drove everyone crazy with it

this could very well make you want to air saxophone...i'd just recommend that you not do it in front of a one wants another incident

while on tour in italy back in 1999...vocalist/bassist mark sandman died on stage while was a heart attack...and it was reported that he was running a fever of over 100 degrees...his last words being "it's a beautiful evening and it's great to stay here and i want to dedicate a super-sexy song to you"

DL: yes


Wild Thing said...

Great band, I miss it...

Kill-A-DJ said...

I remember seeing this band on Muchmusic in the middle of the night when I was in high school (in the early 90's). It blew me away that a band could get by without a guitarist. No one else could wrap their head around it, though to be fair, I could only just barely. A truly innovative band.

Sioux52 said...

Saw them on this tour in Athens and Atlanta, bet you were at the same show. Weird.

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