Monday, February 13, 2012


1990, bootleg

Another show from early on, another kick-ass audience tape and a bit better sounding than this one ; a little overdriven, but really, I think that adds to the energy of the performance we hear here.
The band is on top of their game here, not that they ever weren't, and the set smokes. Go figure.

At least a pack a day.

The setlist follows:

01. Then Comes Dudley
02. One Evening
03. Bloody Mary
04. Nub
05. Lady Shoes
06. Pastoral
07. Karpis
08. Seasick
09. If You Had Lips
10. Mouthbreather
11. Killer McHann
12. SDBJ
13. My Own Urine
14. Blockbuster
15. Chrome

Again, enjoy loudly.


shakedogseb said...

Thank you for sharing this ; another fantastic show here (if you don't already know it...):


abbottoirez said...

Thanks, I have a lossless rip of the master tape for that one; I'll check it out and compare it to my copy.
Btw: That set, the Reckless Records one, was apparently recorded by Whitney O'Keefe, the fifth member/soundman for tJL.

shakedogseb said...

God bless mister O'keefe... it's probably the same one...sorry !

Wild Thing said...

Thanks guys!!!!

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