Monday, February 13, 2012


2011, bootleg

From last year, this lengthy and rather good sounding set is one of my favourites from my stash of Shellac shows. We're treated to a couple of newer songs here, including 'Riding Bikes' and 'He Came In You', along with the epic 'Dude, Imcredible', which seems to have been a staple of their live shows for the last couple years.
The incredibly talented Alison Chesney (formerly of Verbow whom along with Jason Narducy she was the core of), known also by her Helen Money moniker, opened for them. Check out her website here.

Shellac's set follows:

01 Canada
02 Watch Song
03 Gary, Indiana
04 Steady As She Goes
05 Compliant
06 My Black Ass
07 He Came in You
08 A Minute
09 Squirrel Song
10 Riding Bikes
11 Copper
12 Prayer To God
13 Q&A with Bob
14 Killers
15 Dog & Pony Show
16 The End Of Radio
17 Dude, Incredible
18 Boycott
19 Crow

Enjoy loudly.


ipecac said...

in the looks as if steve albini is ready to take aim at the pink mohawk

abbottoirez said...

He does though. How long ye figure it'd take for the pink mohawk to turn red after taking the headstock of a Travis Bean to the follicles?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up?

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