Monday, February 13, 2012

v/a - never mind the molluscs

released 1993

do you like canada?

can you look past the fact that they refer to ham as "canadian bacon"?

well...sub pop wants you to like canada (namely halifax)

and to help you with that...this was a little something that they put together

1 - sloan - pillow fight
2 - jale - lung
3 - eric's trip - blue sky for julie/smother
4 - idee du nord - iodine eyes

DL: never mind the molluscs


abbottoirez said...

Very nice! I haven't heard this in years.
I might have to upload some Jale soon enough or go and subject everyone to something a little more eastern.

Anonymous said...

"Canadian bacon" isn't ham nor is it a term used in Canada. Get your facts on pig-meat straight man, Jesus fucking Christ...

Commodore Crush said...

Any chance of getting this one back uploaded?

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