Monday, February 6, 2012

flowerhead - ka bloom!

released 1992

well...i posted some foo fighters

so why not post some flowerhead

and in case you didn't know...both bands are connected

you the foo fighters song "watershed" on their self-titled album...dave grohl makes reference to the band with the lyrics "i wanna swim in a watershed/i wanna listen to flowerhead"

and upon listening to the aforementioned can clearly hear a flowerhead influence

the best way to describe this album would be this:

this is like listening to the smashing pumpkins in a psychedelic soundgarden

DL: ka-bloom!


Anonymous said...

If this is half as good as the description, I'll suck yo dick. If you're toying with me I'll come through these internets and give you such a beating!

Anonymous said...

OK, this is good. Whip out that pecker, Ippy. Gotta make it right. How the fuck was this band not huge?!

96ataxic said...

Theres another one called Peoples Fuzz from 95 I think... cool but not as good.

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