Monday, February 6, 2012

foo fighters - self-titled

released 1995

"hey...waitaminute...i didn't know i'd walked into SuperGayMusic"

well...i can get why you're confused

they're the next door down...this always happens

but are they going to videotape you while you're using their public restroom?

no they won't

because they don't believe in customer service

so yes

the foo fighters


i've been on a wee bit of a dave grohl kick as of late (come on...he's dreamy and you know it)

and it was at around 4:00am...and i was halfway through an episode of the show M*A*S*H (you know the one...the one with the wacky hawkeye shenanigans)...and for some reason i found myself thinking that there could be some folks that would appreciate some foo fighters on SGM

so here it is

and you know you were one of the folks that would get stoked back in the day when the video for "i'll stick around" or "big me" (admit wished footos existed) or "everlong" (you know you wanted a big hand) would come on the mtv

and you can't listen to this album and not think of bands like husker du or the replacements or some other bands that aren't from the twin cities area

also of interest...all of the instruments on this album were played by dave grohl (except for the song "x-static"...he was joined by greg dulli of afghan whigs fame on guitar)

also...did you know...

oh sorry

you came in to use the restroom

it's at the end of the hall

DL: foo fighters


Arthur Rambo said...

I saw the Foo Fighters several times while they were touring for this album, I didn't really care for them at the time but it seemed like they were at every festival I went to for a while. The first time I saw them, Dave Grohl came out and was chatting with the audience and he says "I just quit smoking today!" Everyone cheers and then there was an awkward silence during which I yelled "Fuck you! Sunny Day Real Estate!" You see, I was still pissed that Sunny Day Real Estate had broken up so that the rhythm section could join the Foos and I just had to let my feelings on the matter out in this eloquent, public spectacle. When I yelled this, everyone around me quickly moved away, leaving exposed in front of the stage. Dave Grohl and I locked eyes, he looked confused for a moment, shrugged and then they launched into their first song. Over the years I've come to really like this record and, other than the song Everlong, it's probably the only thing they put out that I actually enjoy

Wild Thing said...

Man, you shared a special moment with Dave! lol
I was a big fan of the Foo Fighters, until the album "one on one", where they began to put out radio-friendly soft rock.
Their first album was good, I listen to it on a regular base, and the following "The colour and the shape" was their best.

At the same time, their live shows were good, even in festival.

So thanks mate to share this album!

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