Monday, February 6, 2012

nailbomb - point blank

released 1994

what do you get when you mix fudge tunnel vocalist alex newport with sepultura vocalist max cavalera?

you get a ministry album that would've served as the transition from THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY to THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE

DL: point blank


savethecirclepit said...

I have only recently grown to appreciate Chaos AD and Roots but I have always loved this album. I feel like they're all in the same vein.

Pascal Cretain said...

Just stopping by to say hi and thanks for your blog. I landed here via a United Sons of Toil link the other day; been visiting and forwarding around.

Keep it up!

Dangerbird said...


Anonymous said...

Was able to see Sepultura on their Chaos AD tour in 93 at which Fudge Tunnel, Fear Factory, and Clutch opened up for them. After the Sepultura set everyone got on stage and did a jam session, little did I know at the time, this was what I was seeing. I already have the CD, but glad you posted this for those who don't.

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