Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sonic Youth - Peel Session - 10-19-88 (Fall Covers)

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1988

John Peel loved the Fall so much that he once stated that those who did not also profess their love, he would "spurn them with my toe". A scathing indictment of musical snobbery to be sure, but John Peel's taste seems most impeccable, so who are we to argue. And who are Sonic Youth to argue either? They decided to play four Fall covers for this particular Peel session, and they got their friend Epic Soundtracks to help out. Hell, they even cover The Fall's cover of The Kinks "Victoria" (which ends with a pretty nice hardcore shout-out of "flex your head"). Not bad.


* Re-up'd 02.21.12

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Anonymous said...

Rereleased as '4 Tunna Brix' EP in 1990 fact fans.

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