Thursday, January 26, 2012

bodychoke - five prostitutes

released in 1996

"criminally underrated rock band from the early 90s, for fans of swans, the god machine, my bloody valentine, sonic youth, dicks" -some guy

the album is named after jack the ripper's victims...and could very well be what goes on inside the head of any serial killer

and with the help of steve albini...these five lads from the UK lay it all out for you to see

this is what would happen if neurosis and the birthday party and the jesus lizard invited roger waters over to their house for a jam session

the band was together for only a short time (1993-1998...a side project of the "power electronics noise" band whitehouse...though this is at the other end of the spectrum...they released only two albums and a compilation of unreleased material

DL: five prostitutes

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Anonymous said...

great band. if you like this you should check splintered, especially their judas cradle album.

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