Friday, January 27, 2012

drunk in hell - self-titled demo

released 2008 like 16

and you like eyehategod

and you like brain bombs

and you like flipper

and you like kilslug

and you like drunks with guns

and you like pissed jeans can either wait for all of them to fall asleep so you can gather up the stuff you need so you can create that thing in your basement


you can let these 5 blokes (and i'm using the term "blokes" because that's the way you'd say "guys" over in the uk...and tahdah! just learned something...and if you hadn't already put it together...yes...they're from the uk...and bam! just learned something else) give it to you in the form of 4 songs

i'd suggest taking option #2 (teehee) they don't sound like the sort of people that would want to be woken up

DL: drunk in hell
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