Friday, January 27, 2012

upsidedown cross - self-titled

released 1991

"the east coast flipper" -SGMer trevere thomas

that really about sums this up

need some more convincing?

are you a fan of drunken karaoke?

are you in need of some new music to accompany your daily "SHUT UP,MOM!" tirade?

this is (probably) the 1 thing that dinosaur jr's j. mascis (he plays the drums on this album) and anal cunt's seth putnam have in common

do you like the band kilslug? (this is what happened after the band split up back in 1988...though they're currently back together)


does this sound like something you'd enjoy?

and yes...this is something that you'll more than likely have to take a shower after

DL: upsidedown cross

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