Monday, December 5, 2011

sludgeplow - turned earth

released 1992

i was first turned onto this trio via the radio with their song "domination" back in 1992 when it was played on the OFF THE BEATEN TRACK radio show (which i've mentioned here a few times)

and it would always seems to pop into my head from time to time

so one day i googled the band's name

and that put me in touch with the band's guitarist

he then put me in contact with the band's vocalist

and from there...i was sent some sludgeplow stuff as well as some stuff from his current band that goes by the name of archons (which also includes sludgeplow's drummer)

and now i'm sharing it with you

so...if stuff like some early soundgarden...some melvins...some keelhaul and the like do it for you...

DL: turned earth


Anthony said...

I remember this band had a few tracks on the music site peoplesound years ago and I've been trying to find them again, could you please re-upload this? Thanks in advance.

Gray said...

I don't have this record, but if I can dig it up again I'll get it posted.

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