Tuesday, December 6, 2011


2008; Hells Headbangers, Gloom Records

What do you get when you get Midnight and Nunslaughter together with a combined love of Minor Threat and Old Nick?

You get this.

As Satanic Threat, Midnight and Nunslaughter take eight Minor Threat tunes and rework them; so, in exchange for "Guilty of Being White" we get "Guilty of Hating Christ", for "Screaming at a Wall" we get "Cursing at the Cross", for "I Don't Wanna Hear It" we get "I Ain't Gotta Worship"... get the picture?

This is juvenile and fun, silly and fantastic, both tribute and mockery. I love it and so should you.

Satanic Threat - In To Hell

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Daniel said...

Rad record...killer music and packaging...I wonder if Ian Mckaye has heard this...and what he'd think?

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