Monday, December 5, 2011

victory and associates - these things are facts

released 2011

this was sent my way by the band's vocalist conan neutron awhile back (and yes...that is the coolest name you've ever heard)

on my initial things progressed...i couldn't seem to get 2 bands out of my head: operation ivy and early rancid

and then i sent a message to mr. neutron

i told him about the operation ivy and rancid business

and then i expected to get a verbal beatdown

but it didn't come

he told me that he was a fan of both bands back in the day...and that he'd never been told that before

he'd heard some dead kennedys...some buzzcocks...some clash (which is probably where my comparison came from)...some fugazi...

well...have you made up your mind yet?

and while i've got you should check this out as well

and then you should go here and here

DL: these things are facts

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Bassmike said...

The "Jesus Replicator" link is broken! :-(

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