Wednesday, December 14, 2011

officer may - helping others help themselves

released 2001

yes...i know this was made readily available over in the forum section...but there are some folks that are afraid to tread there (apparently naked clowns freak some people out)

so i'm re-posting it here

the band self-released this album

and then it got them signed to a label

and then they released SMOKING IN A MINOR

and then fans of bands like nirvana and drive like jehu and shellac and unwound got all flustered

and then they disappeared

such is life

and what is it you should take away from this post?

if you start to like something...don't...because it'll just end up disappearing

that's right

i'm looking at you pudding pops

DL: helping others help themselves


Anonymous said...

Morton jellyrolls and honeybuns too. Fuck you right in your greedy ass, Morton!

Oh yeah, nice upload.

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting this site for months and I had no idea there was a forum. But I also lost the left hemisphere of my brain in a tragic accident involving a slurpee machine, lawnmower blades and a drunken priest, so cowabunga elephant posture oatmeal jesus butters flap.

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