Wednesday, December 14, 2011

owner operator - i run with the sharks,motherfucker

released 2011

well...there's this band

and they've got a pretty kick-ass album title

and while listening to this band...some other bands may or may not come to mind

bands with names like: future of the left...police teeth...ifihadahifi (actually...this band once had ifihadahifi's drummer as a member)...iron maiden...

and in case you hadn't already put it together...yes...i'm talking about this band

this is the entirety of the band's recorded output (actually...there's a song called "somebody get me a whiskey sweater" that wasn't included on this...but you can find here)

so...go on now...get this DL'd before your mom wakes up for her midnight bathroom run/sandwich combo and sees that you've once again somehow managed to get into the bedroom

DL: i run with the sharks,motherfucker

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Anonymous said...

link removed :(

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