Wednesday, December 14, 2011

kerosene 454 - at zero

released 1998

hello there,friend

tell me...are you aware of a label called dischord records?

and are you aware of anything they released during the mid/late 1990s?

good deal

this is for you

you know who this isn't for?

well...i'd tell you...but i can't rightly remember her name at the moment

but,nameless girl,you did turn me onto this band via this album when we were hanging out during your radio show...and i was all like "you totally have to let me borrow these cds"...and you were all like "sure...also...we need to have a talk"

and to make a long story not so short...i ended up with a few cds (which i'm just going to assume were consolation prizes) and a ride home

dames,i tells ya

also...if you just happen to be looking for the perfect interpretive dancing should really give the album closing "spooking the birds" a listen

DL: at zero


Wain said...

Well done sir.

Daniel said...

I booked this band in my shitty band's practice spot many years ago...I believe 20 people showed up...ha,ha DIY.

William Miller said...

the first 2 times i went to see them they cancelled. then i saw them at CB's and there was only a handful of people. amazing band, though. under appreciated.

IHateThe90s said...

Thanks tons! Love your blog.

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