Friday, November 18, 2011

v/a - rebuilding compilation

released 1992

"come on! i just sat down! isn't there someone else you can go and bother?" -90's hardcore

ok,90's's either this or you can go and help your grandmother clean out her basement

that's what i thought

this compiles the REBUILDING 7" with the FOREVER 7" and a turning point/no escape split

1 - turning point - broken
2 - burn - drown
3 - gorilla biscuits - biscuit power
4 - no escape - silenced
5 - turning point - insecurity
6 - burn - decay
7 - turning point - thursday
8 - turning point - behind this wall
9 - turning point - anxiety asking (1)
10 - no escape - framework
11 - no escape - guilty
12 - no escape - no (2)

1=ignition cover
2=big boys cover

DL: rebuilding compilation


Bryn said...

Thanks for sharing this... a couple of covers I'm looking forward to hearing and some 90s hc retro!

Gray said...

This is a weird one, because it doesn't actually compile the Forever compilation which had the Turning Point and Burn songs that are on here, but also Born Against, Rorschach and Citizens Arrest. I don't know the story as to why those songs were left off of this version, but I would assume it has something to do with Temperance Records being pretty terrible, but who knows.

No Escape might have been the best hardcore band ever...for a brief period.

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