Friday, November 18, 2011

Pitchfork - Saturn Outhouse/Eucalyptus

Label: Nemesis
Year: 1990

James Joyce asks...James Joyce receives. Period.
Actually, this record fits in well with the Hot Snakes posting earlier (for personnel reasons) and the Garden Variety posting of today (for sonic reasons). So, everybody wins.
Just in case, Pitchfork was the first John Reis and Rick Froberg collaboration (back when they were still apt to write "SDHC" on their releases. If you have followed their careers, then you will certainly hear the beginnings of the Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes sound they were heading towards, but this band leans more to the simpler, straight post-hardcore stylings that were coming down the pipeline. Don't get me wrong though, Pitchfork were better than most of what "came down the pipeline" (excrement reference? you decide), and this is ground zero for the "San Diego sound" that would define that city's most popular output for years to come, it's melodic but twitchy and noisy, and there's hardcore in there, and rocknroll there too, and it comes together darker than it should from a place where it never rains and the local weathermen don't have much to say beyond, "yep, foggy in the morning on the coast, otherwise sunny and warm...again".
Also of note; I believe this to be the first Nemesis Records release on Shiny Grey Monotone. Shameful!
Also, also, of note; the other dudes in this band are associated with; Forced Down (SDHC for reals!), Exhale, and Bureau Of The Glorious



proven hollow said...

sorry to be an old fucking man, but pitchfork was the best of all the bands. SORRY GUYS. they were the most interesting for the time period. does your download include the 7"? it should.

now lets get on with some fishwife.

thuglifebaldwin said...

there seemed to be two distinct strains of "SDHC" originating in the early 90s.....the pitchfork/jehu vein and the gravity records vein...........i like em equally, maybe with a slight lean to the angel hair/clikitat ikatowi side of things since thats mainly what i grew up on.......anyways great record!

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