Friday, November 18, 2011

Garden Variety + Chune - Split 7"

Label: Headhunter
Year: 1995

One song from each band, but it should be noted that this is easily the greatest Garden Variety song ever (ever) recorded, and a different (better) version than the album version, and the Chune song is one of their better ones (but not their best...I mean, if I'm being honest, and isn't that sorta why you're here?).
Garden Variety = super catchy, upbeat, post-hardcore in a D.C / San Diego stee-lo
Chune = moody, swelling (gross), post-hardcore in a San Diego / Chicago stee-lo



Mr. Floppy said...

Thanks, more Garden Variety would be welcome.

The drummer of Garden Variety is also in Retisonic (with Jason Ferrell of Bluetip etc.) and they've just announced that their delyed 2nd album is coming next year. Good good. Retisonic, Skeleton Key, The Life and Times, Walter Schreifels...early 2012 offers reaons for craic.

cdb said...

Has the singer from Garden Variety done anything else? I always loved his voice.

rodyarodya said...

great split, the scream near the end of Stickler is the cherry on the top o' that particular cake.

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