Friday, November 18, 2011

spite - heavy whipping cream

released 1997

the call went out for this on the posting of the band's other album BASTARD COMPLEX

and SGMer dangerbird answered the call with a hearty "hey,man...i've got that" (though it did take him a bit to reach the phone...and when he answered he was all out of breath...and i'm just gonna chalk that up to him having to run up a flight of stairs)

and now your spite collection is complete


DL: heavy whipping cream


BassMike said...

Am I right in thinking there was a third album called "The Emotion Not The Point" released a little while later?

Dangerbird said...

wiki says that's a different Spite.

G_G said...

Thanks guys. Love this band.

BassMike said...

That answers that then! Cheers! This band & Murdervan have been my favourite new discoveries since The Jesus Lizard last year (my life is that sheltered!)

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