Friday, November 18, 2011

at the drive-in/the aasee lake split 7"

released 1999

you already know what at the drive-in is all about

so...that brings us to the aasee lake

they came out of louisville,ky during the later part of the 90's

they only ever released 2 7"

musically...they had a lot in common with bands like slint and rodan


DL: at the drive-in/the aasee lake split


Gray said...

While At The Drive In had some pretty good Fugazi-core going, their lyrics have got to be the WORST ever committed to tape. Like, cringeworthy, embarrassingly bad. They ruin the band and make an otherwise decent album unlistenable.

CFL said...

hells yeah. grew up in louisville and loved the aasee lake, but only have two songs by them. now i have a whopping three!! thanks!

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