Sunday, November 20, 2011

helmet - betty

released 1994

this was a little something that got released over in germany

not only do you get a special blue also essentially get the WILMA'S RAINBOW EP

those germans are such givers

in most folks opinions...this was the last album helmet were helmet on

but i'm just gonna go on ahead and say that it was AFTERTASTE

that's right...i said it

DL: betty


Anonymous said...

With you on Aftertaste...although the latest Helmet album kinda comes close to the original Helmet.

winston95 said...

Danke schön!

Wild Thing said...

I can't put my hands on my blue copy of Betty for months so I dl it...
and I agree with you, Aftertaste is the last ever helmet album. Everything produced after doesn't worth talking about it. Period.

Anonymous said...

Wild Thing has her period.

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