Monday, November 7, 2011

mod flanders conspiracy - the tragic urn spill

released 2002

seeing as how everyone seemed to enjoy the posting of some uncle touchy...i've decided to expose you to these fellas

i first came across this band via (remember that site?...when i'd heard that it was going out of business...i went through it and treated it as if it were your sister...that's right...i said it)

before the band split up back in 2005...the band released 2 albums (TAKE A RIDE ON MY ONE-WHEELED RICKSHAW being the other)

are you a fan of the first mr. bungle album?

have you heard of a band called dog fashion disco?

what about nuclear rabbit?

what do song titles like "bill nye the science guy makes me wanna cut myself" and "just because i got my arms and legs surgically lengthened doesn't make me a sell-out midget" make you feel like?

so...if you're sitting there naked...with a rubber chicken....

DL: the tragic urn spill

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