Friday, November 4, 2011

nirvana - 4.18.90 - man ray - cambridge,ma

as you all know...we here at the SGM are some nirvana fans (well...except for that one guy...and that's why he stays in the basement...and is always referred to as "that one guy")

apparently there was a long lost nirvana show that was recently found...and the friendly folks over at were kind enough to share it with the rest of us

so if you just go on ahead and follow the too can enjoy it for yourself

and not to worry...just because you click on the link doesn't mean your pants will automatically get tighter...and you won't suddenly find a messenger bag attached to your body...and you won't find yourself wearing a sweater with a kitten on it...and you won't find yourself suddenly speaking only in metaphors and adjectives

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winston95 said...

A good rip of this show is at "" - songs are split up as well. Really dig the blog man, glad to know there's at least one other Fudge Tunnel fan out there... (the band that is)

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