Monday, November 7, 2011

off the beaten track

you may remember me mentioning a radio show that went by the name OFF THE BEATEN TRACK a few times here and there

i had come across a facebook page for the radio station that broadcast the show and made mention of it

then i was contacted by someone saying that he had some recordings of the show and that he was more than willing to share them with me (though it wasn't from the same time frame as when i'd started listening...i didn't come across the show until 1994)

and now...i'm going to share it with all of you

a playlist was sent along with the discs...but i can't find it at the moment...but you do get to hear some black flag and band of susans and the butthole surfers and front 242 and the violent femmes and they might be giants and the dead kennedys and the meat puppets (just to name a few)

so...let's get all nostalgic up in this bitch

DL: july 1984 pt.1
DL: july 1984 pt.2

DL: august 1984 pt.1
DL: august 1984 pt.2

DL: june 1987 pt.1
DL: june 1987 pt.2
DL: june 1987 pt.3
DL: june 1987 pt.4
DL: june 1987 pt.5


Anonymous said...

there are maybe 5 people in the world that know what this is

mind == blown

ipecac said...

if it weren't for OTBT...there would probably not be an SGM

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