Wednesday, August 17, 2011

goat punishment - live tribute to nirvana

now some of you may be looking at the above picture and thinking to yourself "hey,man...i've totally seen something like that somewhere before"

and you'd be right

it's obviously an homage to the frank zappa album SPEECH IMPEDOPHILE

seriously...go and look it up

the rest of us will wait that we've gotten rid of that guy...

grAy was supposed to post this(and i'm paraphrasing here) when he "got off of his fat ass" (and i'm not saying that the man's ass is big...just don't let it catch you making eye contact with it)

this is weezer playing under a pseudonym somewhere in hollywood,ca back in 1998 (though grAy apparently has one that was played at the casbah in san diego,ca)

and i'm just gonna go ahead and say it: weezer should just abandon their future plans and travel the country playing nothing but pre-1991 nirvana

1 - mr. moustache
2 - aneurysm
3 - breed
4 - dive
5 - swap meet
6 - blew

DL: goat punishment

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