Wednesday, August 17, 2011

dinosaur jr - get me

released 1992

hello there

remember me?

and just when you thought that you'd gotten rid of that smell

"and just where have you been mister?"

well...let's just say that if you ever have to pull off the interstate to use the bathroom at a rest area...just make sure that if you do it at 3:00am in a stall that has a hole in the wall with the words "let's play mystery meat!!!" written over it in permanent tempted as you may be to play the game by seeing the words written in fancy lettering and the 3 exclamation points and the glitter...don't do it...just do your business and leave

but enough about me

this was a 12" that was released over in the uk

you get a song from the WHERE YOU BEEN album ("get me")...a flying burrito brothers cover ("hot burrito #2")...and an acoustic version of the song "quest"

and now if you'll excuse me...i have to go and remove the shag carpeting grAy put everywhere in my absence (and no...the stains don't make it look psychedelic)

DL: get me

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Anonymous said...


Do you happen to have the Out There 10'' single?

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