Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vaz + Hawks + Pygmy Shrews + Black Skies = Atlanta September 3rd!

If you live within the sound of my voice (or the 404, 678, 770, or 706 area codes), I hereby decree that the evening of September 3rd, 2011 shall be filled with loud music, preferably loud, aggressive, music, and you kind sirs (and that one girl who reads this) are ordered in attendance!

I mean for's Vaz...ex-Hammerhead for Christ's sake! And Hawks, thee best band in all of Atlanta right now (although, truth be told, there's this upstart group calling themselves "The Black Crowes"...look out Hawks, they seem hungry)! And Pygmy Shrews...diabolical hardcore oblivion straight out of 1979 Los Angeles County albeit from 2011 Brooklyn! And then, to top it all off, fucking Black Skies...the heaviest thing to come out of the Research Triangle since the Shiny Beast / Regraped split lp!

Look ya'll, I am getting older (and fatter...what?!), and my evenings are pretty sacred to me, but this lineup is just too good to pass up, even for an old fart such as myself. So if I can motivate out the front door to have my face sandblasted for a few hours and knock back 13-18 beers in the process (maybe that would explain the fatness?), then there's no excuse for a young, virile, whippersnapper such as yourself not to go.

You have been put on notice.


proven hollow said...

can you guys just load it all in the van and come play my backyard instead? if i have to make the drive from athens to atlanta i might as well just fucking kill myself. i would rather drive from here to texas rather than from here to atlanta. it is the worst drive.

Gray said...

A little mellow dramatic huh Phil?
Just get here.

Anonymous said...

I wish I live in the US,what an amazing night to see!

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