Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the united sons of toil/lars bang larsen split 7"

released 2011

this was sent my way by lead son of toil russell hall

this business was released over in germany to coincide with the band's first ever european tour (which you can learn all about here...and whilst should see about ordering yourself an actual copy of this nice slice o' vinyl...but do it soonly as they're selling like whatever the vinyl equivalent of hotcakes is)

the united sons of toil continue to remind us that we'd let a hobo do things to us in a dark room to get the 90s back ('s just me?)

lars bang larsen are essentially an instrumental band that hails from they allowed lead toiler russell to provide lyrics and vocals (with fellow tusot member bill borowski providing some howls)

so...go some vinyl

oh...and click on the DL

DL: the united sons of toil/lars bang larsen split


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Like all our records, this 7" is available as a name-yr-own-price download on Bandcamp at

United Sons of Toil

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