Wednesday, May 4, 2011

v/a - s.f.w. ost

released 1994

remember when movie soundtracks were worth buying? neither

but this is one of those exceptions

some of you may remember the trouble that i had went through trying to post S.F.W. here on SGM a few years back (and i still suspect stephen dorff)

i remember purchasing this album at the local music shop when it had come out...and i was all excited because i was full swing into my alternative music phase...and i played the shit out of the cop shoot cop song included on it ("two at a time")...and it had gwar and suicidal tendencies and soundgarden...

"oh he goes off on one of his stories"

actually...i'm not going to

this soundtrack can speak for itself

so if you're a fan of any of the bands i'd mentioned...or any of the early incarnations of lollapalooza...this is for you,friend

and if i wanted to go off on one of my fuckin' what

yeah...i had to do it

1 - soundgarden - jesus christ pose
2 - marilyn manson - get your gunn
3 - pretty mary sunshine - can i stay?
4 - hole - teenage whore
5 - monster magnet - megasonic teenage warhead
6 - chris cornell - like suicide (acoustic)
7 - suicidal tendencies - no fuckin' problem
8 - paw - surrender
9 - radiohead - creep
10 - cop shoot cop - two at a time
11 - babes in toyland - say what you want
12 - gwar - s.f.w.
13 - graeme revell - spab 'n' janet evening/the green room

DL: s.f.w.


Anonymous said...

The Dorff is watching all these years later. He's everywhere, Ippy.


Paw are fucking awesome. I suggest you track down the rest of their output if you aren't already familiar.

F' Dorff said...

Stephen is at beautiful Lake Overdorf in Rangoon County. I just posted I Shit On Your Face at the Pha-Q!

KKinDK said...

I like the stories...

cialis online said...

there two or three songs in this list, that really have the right to be here, for the rest you can take then and...put it back from where you got it.

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