Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lunachicks - binge & purge

released 1992

did i ever tell you about the time someone asked me if i were listening to no doubt while listening to the lunachicks?

yeah...that actually happened

some people's kids,maaaaaan

but if you've never heard the lunachicks...don't let the mentioning of no doubt send you away screaming

they have more in common with the likes of L7 and 7 year bitch and any other riot grrrl band from the early/mid 90s

but don't let that send you away screaming either

this won't pelt you with a used tampon or make you feel bad for having the testes

DL: binge & purge


Ron "Hedgehog" Jeremy said...

Ahaha...No Doubt Gwen is shot and old now but back in the day...Yea Baybee! Did anyone ever win that you get to fuck the drummer contest from L7? Yes she did throw a fresh tampon on some heckling fans in the U.K. A hardcore fan even threw it back onstage! The Cycle Sluts From Hell were cool. I Wish You Were A Beer even got played on Guido Television (MTV).

earldaley said...

Saw the Lunachicks in 1990/1991 in Cleveland. They were fucking awesome and heavy. Their records just don't do them justice...

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