Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Immortal Lee County Killers - Essential Fucked Up Blues!

Label: Estrus
Year: 2000

Happy Mothers Day.
I the grand tradition of two piece blues/punk/rock/garage bands, here's one that gets lost in the shuffle even though they came out about the same time as the biggest two piece blues/punk/rock/garage band of all time The White Stripes (although, The Black Keys are getting pretty big aren't they?). The Immortal Lee County Killers definitely have a more southern take on the overblown blues freak-out which make them less Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and more Flat Duo Jets. That would be explained easily by mentioning that the band was from Auburn, Alabama, and they were fronted by former Quadrajet Chetley Wiese, so the southerness was for reals (one would assume the southerness is still intact). This version of "fucked up blues" is also quite a bit louder and more distorted than you might expect, but that's also why it's on this point of the internet since this point of the internet traffics in loud and distorted things.
Enjoy this, and then go call your mother to tell her how much of a saint she is to have put up with your shit all those long years.



toposheet said...

so good...saw them with Modey Lemon, Dan Melchoir Broke Revue and New Bomb Turks in Calgary about 8 or so years ago...took the day off and saw the show again the next night, three hours away in Edmonton. Awesome!

notjeffpinkus said...

this is one of the greatest records of all time...if you dont have it, you need it. my now worn red vynil copy is one of the 5 things id grab if my house was burning down!!

Steven said...

I lived with "the Cheetah" for four years. I can assure you he's the real deal.

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