Monday, May 23, 2011

The Action Suits - Cancer Father 7"

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 1996

Gotta clean out the hard drive and make room for more...savory, holy, things.
So you get this two song 7" from The Action Suits who's main claim to fame (freestyle, son!) was that the drummer was comic artist Peter Bagge (who also did the cover), but Steve Fisk also appears on this record, so that' worth something. I guess. Rumor has it, based on Bagge's credentials the band was courted by four separate labels to release four separate 7"s before anyone had heard a note of music, but to their credit, Sub Pop backed out after actually listening to the record they were to release, rumor has it Jonathan Poneman actually threw the cassette of the songs across the room in disgust.
You probably wouldn't release these records either, as they are rambling, tuneless, sloppy pop. I find this kind of stuff grating, but others (maybe the Beat Happening fans out there?) might find some enjoyment in it. Plus, it's a relic of the Man's Ruin era, so for that alone, it's worth listening to.


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