Wednesday, May 18, 2011

noise is too strong

these guys will be touring europe for the first time ever with these guys

and it's recommended that if you live anywhere near any of these get there

SGM knows where you live

drive. noise. balls.

June 15 Zagreb, Croatia. Tvornica Mala

June 16 Rijeka, Croatia. Plakat

June 17 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Pri Koritu

June 18 Modena, Italy. Fooltribe

June 19 Nice, France. Tapas La Movida

June 20 Paris, France. Le Café de Paris

June 21 Amsterdam, Netherlands. ADM Bar

June 22 Leiden, Netherlands. Sub071

June 23 Hamburg, Germany. Hafenklang

June 24 Neu Tramm, Germany. Raum 2

June 25 Berlin, Germany. Hausprojekt Scherer 8

June 26 TBD, Germany. HELP!

June 27 Prague , Czech Rep. Club 007 Strahov

June 28 Leipzig, Germany. Zoro

June 29 Wien, Austria. Replugged

June 30 Zagreb, Croatia. KSET/MEDIKA

July 01 Osijek, Croatia. Mini Teatar

July 02 Beograd, Serbia. venue TBD

July 03 Novi Sad, Serbia. Route 66

attn: german folks

if there's anyone that could provide a treffpunkt for the june 26th these guys or these guys


Anonymous said...

Treffpunkt? Ippy, you pull out some crazy ass vocabulary. I get music and an education. Thanks buddy!

Rusty said...

Might help to put the actual band names in the post?
So without further ado... THE UNITED SONS OF TOIL and JOE 4. oh yeah, and our Modena IT show got shit-canned this morning so we need help in northern italy on June 18 ass well as Germany on June 26.

Thank you for your attention.

Mr. Floppy said...

Guten Tag.

So, the problem is, you need a German venue that is somewhere between Berlin and Prague, right?

I'd suggest Dresden or Chemnitz because it's in that area.

I am by no means a local, but I know 2 venues there because some bands I know have played there before, you may contact them:


(phone number is right in the header)

Good luck.

Rusty said...

Modena got shit-canned the morning this was posted. So now we need a show in Northern Italy -- somewhere between Slovenia and Nice France. Let us know if you can help!

United Sons of Toil

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