Monday, May 23, 2011

Cursed - The Last Session

Label: High Anxiety / No Idea
Year: 2010

Cursed came at a time when I needed it, they were as heavy as anything else out there, but they played my beloved hardcore, and they renewed my faith that the genre could still surprise and excite me. It was basically the thickness of mid-period Entombed mixed with the D-beat stomp of Amebix, flavored with the poignant jolt of Born Against. Can't really argue with that combination.
This 7" was recorded live in Europe on their final tour, and contains 5 songs spread across their three albums, played a bit faster and harsher than the studio versions. Can't really argue with that approach either.
Members of this band came from and went on to: Burning Love, Ruination, Career Suicide, The Swarm, Left For Dead (who had a split 7" with Ochre, featuring vocals from...yours drop), Acrid, Haymaker, Black Hand, Ire, Sinclaire, Meligrove Band, Grayline, Shallow North Dakota, Quest For Fire, Mature Situations, and Crux Of Aux among the throngs of others.
I believe the record is sold out, but you might be able to find it through certain distros.


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