Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slint - Live at La Cartonnerie, Reims France - 03-03-05

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2005

From their reunion/victory lap tour, here is Slint as broadcast on French radio. The sound quality is good, and the performance is good, once you get past the six minute opening yawn of "For Dinner". They also don't play "Cortez The Killer" which is sort of a bummer, but they do play over an hour, so really I should shut the fuck up and be thankful that someone recorded this. Also, it's late and the kids are sleeping, so all this loud talking could wake them up, which will piss off the old lady, then we're all in trouble. So, be cool ya'll.

DL - part 1
DL - part 2

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Mike Kole said...

Thanks for posting this! I wasn't paying attention to Slint, had no hope of a reunion, when they did. Kicker is, I'm only two hours from Louisville, and most certainly would have made the light-duty drive to seem them play. Found out about the reunion and tour just after it happened. Really excellent to hear this, thanks!!!

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